Wholesale Handbags – Here are 3 Resources for Buying

If you are aiming to get started in the wholesale fashion industry, then you might be wondering where to get started. Selling wholesale handbags can be a profitable endeavor for any fashion store, simply because buying attractive, designer inspired purses, totes, and handbags are in demand. In demand products in the fashion market have high opportunities to drive traffic and sales to your business, so buying wholesale will be the best option for making revenue. Buying wholesale is more cost efficient because you are buying the product in bulk, in large quantities at a time, but at a reduced price.

Now that the concept of wholesale handbags and the opportunity for profit and cost efficiency is understood, you will need to know where to shop. The following websites are some resources you can consider when shopping for your wholesale handbag inventory:

1. Purse Obsession Wholesale
Shop online at purse-obsession.com to stock up on your wholesale handbags for any fashion business. This wholesale retail site allows you to buy handbags mixed and matched, but are priced by the truckload generally. In wholesale, the more you buy, the less expensive the per unit item cost is. So, with Purse Obsession wholesale handbags online store, you are able to buy a selection of individual handbags at wholesale in a lot, but the price is as if you were buying a much higher quantity. With a large wholesale selection of trendy handbag designs, and also handbags that are brand names or designer-inspired, you are sure to find a wide variety of fashionable handbags and other accessories at wholesale to market your business and reel in the customers. Enjoy no minimum order, and browse from over 1,000 wholesale handbag models.  Here are a few examples of the items that they carry:


2. Mad By Design, LLC
Another great online wholesale handbags retailer, mad-bags.com is sure to help you stock your wholesale handbag inventory with a huge amount of handbags, totes, purses, clutches, and more. The site has unique, high quality handbags that span a diverse selection to fit all different types of fashion styles and trends. From inexpensive to high end, and from classy to modern chic, this site has a selection that’s guaranteed to benefit your handbag business. Customers of all types will be delighted to see you have a variety of stylish wholesale bags that are in their price range, which means more sales for your business.

3. Fashion Wholesaler
At fashionwholesaler.com, you can purchase wholesale handbags of all different styles and price points, and there is even a large inventory of fashion accessories such as sunglasses, scarves, watches, and more if you want to expand your stock. Located in California, you can check out the website and shop online or visit the store to purchase your wholesale handbag stock. Buying in large quantities from Fashion Wholesaler will get you the best price deals, which allows you to increase your inventory without breaking the bank. Expanding your inventory to other fashion accessories that you can purchase on the site is also a great opportunity for increasing profit at your business. Your customers will love buying a stylish purse from you, along with a nice accent necklace or watch to match!